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A.L.E. - Academy of Laser Education


Basic Course

The program of the basic course is „ Laser therapy in dentistry with diode and Erbium YAG laser“

Friday: Theory of laser physics and laser safety officer.

Saturday: Live video streaming, theory and practical tests with different laser. Theoretical examination and certification of laser safety officer. Each course is for maximal 30 participants.

Calendar and course schedules

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Course location

Course location of Academy of Laser Education
Bardolino, Strada Campazzi 8 (Lago di Garda) Verona.

Speakers profil

Prof. Alfred Resch

President of Academy of Laser Education, scientific Director of the Master in Laser therapy in dentistry at the University of Cagliari, responsible of the International Consortium for Development and Science, Professor ac on the University of Cagliari for Dental Hygiene and new technologies in dentistry.

Dott.ssa AnnaRita Spedicato

Dentist in Bardolino – Verona, specialist for laser therapy and Bleaching in dentistry. Adviser to several dental offices in Italy. Founding member of A.L.E.

Scientific Program


Since the early 80s, the use of lasers in dentistry and medicine all over has increased significantly. The various areas of the medical laser treatments are rising annually, which appeared short time ago an utopia, is a reality today. Today, the laser therapy in dentistry is worldwide known and allows the dentist to work sure, effectively and efficiently. Laser treatments give excellent results today, reducing pain and faster healing.

The introduction of the laser in the dental office has improved the potential for successful periodontics, endodontics, surgery and conservative dentistry. There are also a large number of studies and scientific works, which unequivocally confirm the results expected by the laser therapy.

Theoretical part I: fundamentals of laser physics and safety.
General characteristics and physical properties of laser systems
Technical regulations and legal framework
Individual protection equipment and signage
Procedures and risks in the operation of laser systems
Theoretical part II: laser diode and Er:YAG laser
Applications in endodontics
Applications in periodontology
Applications in implantology
Applications in surgery
Applications in the fixed prosthesis
SESSION theoretical / practical II
Applications in laser Bleaching
Applications in laser whitening (live video)
Laser applications in periimplantitis (live video)
Laser applications in periodontology (live video)
Erbium applications in conservative (live video)
Application of the laser practice test of diode laser and Er:YAG

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Academy of Laser Education - strada Campazzi 8 - 37011 Bardolino (Verona) - Italy