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A.L.E. - Academy of Laser Education


A.L.E. with this series of Journals, we wants to help its members to understand the topic “Laser” in more detail and discovering the wonderful world of light.

These Journals can be updated at any time and therefore we ask to help to all our supporters, friends, partners to improve these works.

Laser in Dentistry

Even today, in 2013, there is a great confusion of laser application in our field. False promises and fabricated using of the producers and sellers, bring this new technology more and more into disrepute with the end result - "there is no since to use a laser in dentistry because they are not working.” Scientifically, there is the same confusion. Although there are more and more national and international companies which organize workshops and conferences but unfortunately very few in which the science is in the foreground. Thus, it is no wonder the laser still find no official place in the universities and reputable scientific societies.

Laser Physics

For a doctor in medicine, physicians normally it is as a taboo. We are taken by special courses of our profession and that it is just a great deal already difficult.

Using the Laser in medicine, it only is not to cut, to disinfect or biostimulation but it is to consider as a new different surgical tool of the others that we have used until now. Laser is physics and doesn't surely hurt to try to understand some more of this fantastic light.

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